Your baby is FINALLY in a good sleep schedule and routine. Her miserable short catnaps have lengthened to 1 to 2 hours and almost sleeping through the night. You are finally getting some shuteye (or Netflix time) too. 😴

But uh-oh, here comes a LONG weekend of Chinese New Year with enthusiastic relatives who all want a cuddle with your little one and of course, those endless itinerary of homes to visit. All the action will throw even the most hardened sleep trained baby off course and here are 5 tips to help you survive this weekend and live to tell the tale.

🧨 1. Plan for a Bed/Cot Nap

Try to arrange for a bed/cot for your baby to sleep at the relative’s home. If it is a home that you will be staying for more than 1 nap, you can even consider arranging for a travel cot to be placed there prior to the visit. Don’t forget to bring your baby’s lovey or any other small items that will make the environment feel more like home.

🧨 2. Motion Naps

If a conducive place to nap is not possible, bring your carrier and a large muslin cloth to block out distractions. Car seat naps are also an alternative, to ensure your baby gets at least 45 mins of sleep.

🧨 3. Do sleep recovery as soon as possible

An earlier bedtime may be necessary to recover some sleep loss during the day. Shorten your baby’s wake time to bedtime by 15 to 30 minutes once you are back to your routine. If the night sleep is poor as baby is already overtired at bedtime, try to slow it down the next day to allow baby to take proper naps.

🧨 4. Plan your home visits itinerary

Try to plan your visits around your baby’s nap times. It will be extra difficult to offer a nap when you arrive at your relatives’ place smack at lunch time. You can also choose to go to a less rowdy household first to let your baby nap there. If your baby naps well in the carrier or the car, you can arrange your travel times to coincide with her naps.

🧨 5. Don’t get too hung up and enjoy the festivities

Disruptions are inevitable, even for the most “sleep trained” babies. Just go with the flow, enjoy this time with your family and friends. If the day is likely going to stretch long past your baby/child’s bedtime, you can just offer an extra nap or some rest.


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