About Evelyn Woo-Becker

“Besides being a Sleep Consultant, I want to help families to make decisions which put their minds at ease…”

How did SleepKraft start?

Parents, especially new mummies and daddies, receive too little or too much information about their child’s sleep that does not address their unique sleep needs.

I want to support these parents by empowering them with customised information and a Sleep Plan that works for them.

Many new parents may not be ready for the upheaval of changes a new baby can bring. Besides dealing with all physical and emotional challenges, postpartum, parents may have to juggle with all the expectations that come along with raising a baby. From well-meaning but often unsolicited advice from family and relatives, to the incessant bombardment from the “all-knowing” Internet to your own nagging insecurities. It can get so overwhelming and leave parents feeling alone and helpless in this journey.

I have been through that, twice, and because of what I do, I am also granted privy to the many struggles families go through, painfully and often, in silence. Sleep is often one of the first challenges faced by a family with a new baby as it is often elusive, unpredictable and the uncertainty if one is doing the right thing. What IS the right thing to do? Use bumpers? Don’t use bumpers? Offer a paci? Don’t? Continue to latch even though it is so so painful? Bottle feed? The list is literally endless!

Besides being a Sleep Consultant, I want to be there for these families to make decisions which put their minds at ease and navigate through all the Mum & Dad guilt, be it choosing a cot, a carrier or even brand of bottles. I am also a strong advocate of Safe Sleeping and i want to ensure that your baby is sleeping as risk-free as possible.

A young independent sleeper is not a holy grail which you only read and heard about. To achieve that, you just need to get more insights, some help and the willingness to let your child learn a new life skill called self-soothing.

Let me help you believe in SLEEP again.

My Expertise

~ For all sleep training packages, I will be providing full support and guidance for all naps and bedtime during the Support Period.

~ After successful sleep training, I will also teach parents how to manage their child’s schedule to optimise sleep. (Scheduling)

~ During the Support Period, I can also advise and chat about all topics related about bringing up a cute teeny tiny human being.

My Experience

  • Helping babies and families sleep better since 2019
  • Successfully sleep-trained babies from Day 1
  • Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, International Parenting & Health Institute (IPHI)
  • Certificate of Achievement – Addressing Postnatal Depression as a Healthcare Professional (University of Exeter)
  • Diploma in Holistic Massage, International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC)
  • Mother of 2 (3, if you count the hubs)
  • Let’s Believe in Sleep Again.

During whatever free time in-between, Evelyn enjoys playing tennis, practicing MMA, running, coffee, Star Wars, alternative & indie and classical music, Netflix with wine and drams of whiskies. She is also married to Dominik and is a zookeeper to a pair of 8 and 6 year old monkeys.

Veronica Wei

"Evelyn is very experienced, knowledgeable about baby sleeping. I highly recommend and am super happy we found her instead of trying to google everything on our own. Everyone’s sleep has improved so much!"

Fulvia Wong

"Evelyn is very helpful and encouraging! She has helped us a lot and is still helping us with our kids’ sleep scheduling. We have found some success with naps and sleep as a whole thanks to her constant support and advice. She also gives good perspectives to things and has lent us her personal experiences from time to time, and for that we are grateful! Thanks Evelyn!"

Nicole Lee

"Thanks to Evelyn I no longer have to miss on my poo sessions because I have to cuddle my bb to sleep! Also thanks to Evelyn, my husband and I don’t have to sleep separately 😂

Evelyn’s been such a great support, esp to someone as highly anxious as me!

Danke Evelyn ❤️❤️"

Cherie Lee

"Evelyn has been a complete lifesaver to me in my sleep training journey. I was rocking my then 6-mo daughter to every nap, and bedtime was always a mad scramble for the family to put her to sleep. With Evelyn’s support and constant reassurance, my daughter is now able to sleep independently, connect sleep cycles, put herself back to sleep for NWs.

Thank you for being so patient with us, for being ever so responsive and encouraging."

Lee Hui Jun

"Evelyn is more than a sleep consultant; she’s really an empathetic mum friend who’s more than happy to share her own parenting journey/tips with me. My only regret is not knowing about her earlier. Thank you Evelyn for your support & help. Highly highly recommend her!!"

Pamela Sim

"Our sleep 1 year ago looked nothing like it does today. We were waking up 5-6 times at night to nurse. All credit to Evelyn in walking this journey with us and not giving up on my then 15 month old headstrong little boy. We now sleep through the night and its a life changer."

Fiona Pun

"Evelyn guided me through understanding how to interpret his sleep data, how to adjust and troubleshoot systematically and even how to read his cues. Throughout the week, she was on the ball with replies, supportive, personable and gave many insightful tips. I felt like I was chatting with a friend! Albeit a very knowledgeable friend 😊 "

Wong Siew Wern

"Thank u Evelyn for the guidance and also assurance along the journey, and I am thankful to have u with me! Just give her a call to solve your baby sleep issue, and I am sure u won’t regret."

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