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Best money spent! We engaged Evelyn to help us with our four month old who needed to be held to sleep, for hours even in the middle of the night. Within the first 24 hours of working with Evelyn, he was putting himself to sleep (with some crying from time to time but fully able to soothe himself back to sleep). Within a week he even slept through the night without a single feed. We were shocked that this was even a possibility for our little milk guzzler.

Evelyn used a data driven approach and advised us on how to approach naps, wake windows and bed times. She understood what our needs were as a household and worked to find a balance between our preferences and baby’s needs. While there’s a lot of information out there regarding sleep training, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without Evelyn’s very precise and customized guidance. In fact, if we had just read online articles about wake windows and sleep training we would’ve done quite literally the opposite of what our baby needed.

Sleep training is a commitment though so make sure you’re ready to be precise about it, and Evelyn is literally there to hold your hand and build your confidence in making the right call for your baby. THANK YOU EVELYN!

~ Victoria & Bryan, September 2023

We engaged Evelyn for our baby at 6months old after a very positive experience with her for our firstborn. She was effective in guiding us to tweak the nap and bedtime scheduling and our little one was able to wean off the night feeds within the week! She also slept through the night by the 6th night. She is clear in her directions and communication and we would recommend her to any parent who is seeking to resolve their child’s sleep problems! Thank you Evelyn!

~ Cheryl Sim, August 2023

Thank so much for your great help 🙏 it has been efficient and smooth ❤️

~ Marine Brochec, June 2023

Balanced and empathic sleep trainer!!! We achieved our objective !

~ Clement Tubery, June 2023

Evelyn is very experienced, knowledgeable about baby sleeping. I highly recommend and am super happy we found her instead of trying to google everything on our own. Everyone’s sleep has improved so much!

~ Veronica Wei, November 2022

We had a 6 year old who couldn’t sleep on his own and wakes up repeatedly throughout the night, causing sleepless nights for us parents as well.

We engaged Evelyn’s services and she mapped out a plan for us, and provided support at every step of the way. She also shared tips on how to setup the bedroom to make it conducive for our child to rest etc.

So far, we have seen good improvement in our child’s sleeping habits, resulting in him being more cheerful and having adequate rest.

~ Shann and Anson Yap, November 2022

Engaging in SleepKraft Sleep Consulting is the best decision ever made by me and my Husband. Evelyn is very approachable, understanding and has lots of empathy towards a struggling Mum like me. We had hiccups here and there during the sleep training process as my LO is constantly down with illness. But Evelyn is very understanding and accommodative to delay until LO is fully recovered.

I was having a tough time putting down my LO to sleep every naps and at bed time. I was also struggling as I am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby. The countless sleepless night makes me go crazy and almost drove me to PPD. All i wanted to, is to help my baby to sleep better. She actually sleep through with minimal waking and doesn’t require and bottle in the night anymore. My family now knows how to watch out for her sleepy cues and schedule her nap appropriately. I also learnt about restorative sleep she skips her nap in IFC.

Overall, we are very thankful for Evelyn’s help and assistance! Thank you so much!

~ Fiona Ke, July 2022

Engaging SleepKraft was the best decision we made. Evelyn was there with us every step of the way and gave us the confidence to go through sleep training our child. During our 3 week journey, Evelyn equipped us with tools and knowledge we needed. She also checked in with us every morning to see how our night went. Now we have more time to ourselves and a happier baby. Also no more patting or having to be around to pop in the pacifier! Naps and bed times used to be dreadful but not anymore. Highly recommend anyone who is interested in sleep training to engage Evelyn! We’re going to miss her!

~ Gladys Teo, June 2022

It was lovely working with Evelyn! My LO was sleeping so well within the first few days. She answered all my questions and letting me know the reason behind it! She is so in the ball, and forever on stand by during nap and bedtime just in case my LO decide to give us a hard time. She has given me so much confidences and freedom to over come the sleep challenges.

Now we no longer have to tip-toe when he is asleep because with Evelyn’s help we moved him into his own room. And now papa and mama have time to watch drama and play games when he sleeps and we no longer have to rush to get everything done before his bedtime so that we will not be walking around in the room and disturb his sleep. Thank you so much for your help!!!

~ Joling Chiong, May 2022

Engaging Evelyn was one of the best decision i had made! She was always prompt in replying, giving beneficial advices, patient and very encouraging. Prior to engaging Evelyn, my baby was a contact sleeper and needed to be carried and patted to sleep. I was basically carrying her throughout all her naps, leaving myself with no time for anything else. After engaging Evelyn and following her advice, i saw improvement in just a few days and i no longer had to carry and pat my baby for any of her naps/night sleep. I could finally find the time to have my meals promptly too. Also, i no longer dread baby‘s sleeping times. Thank you Evelyn for the great support, guidance and assurance throughout this ST journey. Could not have come so far without you ♥️

~ Vanessa Tee, April 2022

We engaged Evelyn based on the recommendation from a friend, who had successfully sleep trained her baby, despite our fears and worries surrounding ST. Evelyn started out with a phone call and questionnaire to discuss our goals, plan and what our child’s personality is like, which was a good starting point in setting the foundation for ST. She had been very clear about her instructions at the start and was very open to our opinions and suggestions as our child was already 15 months by the time we did ST and could be a challenge.

Throughout the 3 weeks, Evelyn was always available at the stated times and very responsive to all our texts, guiding us every step of the way with very clear and specific instructions. Our son was honestly a challenge to do ST with but Evelyn was very encouraging, positive and supportive especially when we felt very discouraged and wanted to give up in the initial days of ST. Even after a couple of weeks, Evelyn followed up with us just to see how our son was doing and provided some quick feedback on certain tweaks we could make.

Overall, it was easy to trust Evelyn with the process because the programme was tailored specifically to our son and parenting styles so it was not like we were getting standard answers to our questions or a standard approach. Our son previously had to be carried to sleep all the time, had night wakes 1-2 times a night and was generally quite cranky in the day without sufficient rest. Now, he can easily fall asleep on his own, put himself back to sleep if he occasionally has any night wakes and is cheerful throughout the day having had the rest he needs. That said, sleep training is not for everyone but Evelyn definitely made it a lot easier for us especially since our son was already a little older. We would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to try ST 🙂

~ Michael Krygsman, March 2022

Our sleep 1 year ago looked nothing like it does today. We were waking up 5-6 times at night to nurse.
All credit to Evelyn in walking this journey with us and not giving up on my then 15 month old headstrong little boy.

We now sleep through the night n its a life changer.

Why Evelyn?
1) Personable and quick to reply, which is of great help when your child is crying during ST. She’s there for you!
2) Sincere in helping. Her help even extends beyond ST. I always feel comfortable reaching out to her.
3) Well priced package relative to other consultants. Yes it’s a sizeable chunk of $$ but VERY WORTH IT. There’s no price to pay for quality sleep and sanity.

Now that I have my 2nd child, I have taken what I learnt from Evelyn n this group , and tada! 2 sleep trained kids. I can’t be any happier.For those who are hesitant on whether to embark on ST.. go for it, and do it with Evelyn.

~ Pamela Sim, August 2021

Best decision to engage in a sleep consultant to solve our baby’s sleep issue. Baby was waking up to six times a night & taking catnaps throughout the day. After ST, his night wakings are reduced to one night feed only. Although naps are still a struggle since he is still relatively young & is on multiple naps, we are hopeful that it will get better in time since we are now equipped with the knowledge on scheduling.

If you are like us, wondering if you should engaged a sleep consultant, I would say do it! This is the knowledge you can also apply to your subsequent child(ren) so it is definitely money well-spent. Thanks Eve!

~ Ivan Loh, August 2021

Evelyn might be the best help I have found since becoming a mother. I have been so stressed about LO’s sleep that it was getting unhealthy, both mentally and physically.

Evelyn guided me through understanding how to interpret his sleep data, how to adjust and troubleshoot systematically and even how to read his cues. Throughout the week, she was on the ball with replies, supportive, personable and gave many insightful tips. I felt like I was chatting with a friend! Albeit a very knowledgeable friend 😊.

Most importantly, she gave me the confidence to relax. There’s always the next nap/day to try again!

~ Fiona Pun, July 2021

I engaged Evelyn’s help to sleep train my 15 month old. I was leaning towards the CIO method but she suggested the gentler chair method for toddlers. I was a little apprehensive as I thought my baby is fairly stubborn but it worked perfect for my little one! I was so surprised my boy accepted this method so well that he STTN from night 2 onwards!! Really encourage mummies to give this method a try!

thankful for Evelyn’s advice and her help throughout the 3 weeks support period. The whole family is so happy now and everyone gets their rest! Definitely recommended for parents who wish to try out sleep training as the day scheduling and advice makes a whole lot of difference!Evelyn is very prompt in her replies and always dishes out clear advice and instructions. A friendly and reliable sleep consultant to work with. 😀 thank you Evelyn 👌🏻

~ Cheryl Sim, May 2021

All I can say is that engaging Evelyn’s services is one of the best choices I made for my family. My baby has been an independent sleeper since 3-4 months old, but when she was around 6 months, she cried excessively for 3 weeks every night I put her to sleep and would have at least 1-3 night wakes. Evelyn was able to pin-point the root problem of my baby’s sleep, and with her 1 week support, my baby went to sleep without crying every single day, and she even STTN on the last day of support (Happy tears).

Evelyn is more than a sleep consultant; she’s really an empathetic mum friend who’s more than happy to share her own parenting journey/tips with me.

My only regret is not knowing about her earlier. Thank you Evelyn for your support & help. Highly highly recommend her!!

~ Lee Hui Jun, May 2021

We just ended our ST support from Evelyn, and I had already miss her!

Few things to note on her service:
1. She is prompt in replying, and giving you precise and concrete suggestions on how to deal with circumstances.
2. She is friendly to talk to, even if u ask noob Questions. (Like me, who always ask about it..haha)
3. Her package is reasonably priced, considering the promptness and her useful suggestions to understand and implement.

I am a second-time mom, but I was so helpless in dealing with infant sleep because the girl simply doesn’t stick to the usual sleep routine that I found on the internet! She was always wanting to carried, used pacifier to sleep, rocked to sleep, and cranky to be around with (not sure is it due to OT or UT). I find that I’m always trying to make her sleep, than enjoying her as a child.

I knew I need help in doing this. Am grateful to this group that eventually led me to Evelyn. She is really patience in guiding me along, providing useful tips and tricks, as scheduling is really whole new knowledge to me. ST the baby is quite hard this time as the girl has diff temperament compared to my elder son. But that went well, she is actually much rested after ST. This was evidenced throughout the 4 weeks support, as she was from 5 nappers to almost a routine 3 nappers now.Thank u Evelyn for the guidance and also assurance along the journey, and I am thankful to have u with me! Just give her a call to solve your baby sleep issue, and I am sure u won’t regret.

~ Wong Siew Wern, May 2021

I’m really thankful that this group introduced us to sleep training and eventually, lead us to Evelyn. She gave us confidence right from the start when she came for the house visit. Being a ftm to twins is hard. But being a ftm to twins who needed to be carried to sleep every night is next level altogether. She gave us the confidence to embark on the sleep training which would have been a very daunting task for us to figure out on our own.

I started the ST when my twins were 6.5mo. They have many sleep crutches such as pacifiers, baby carrying etc and would wake up at least 3 to 5 times a night. Even when we lay them on the bed, we have to do so with the precision of a ninja to avoid waking them up. I have to admit that the first few days of the ST were very hard especially when we generally dont let the twins cry for extended period of time, but we pressed on with Evelyn’s support and advice. By the 3rd night, my boy was STTN and my girl only needed 1 night feed and had 2 night wakes.We also learnt from Evelyn all abt reading the cues and planning their naps to get them better sleep. She was very patient and understanding throughout the ST journey and enlightened us on things were were doing wrong.

By the end of the ST program, we have done away with the night feeds altogether as we realised that it was possible and the twins were sleeping much better!

Thank you Evelyn for being our pillar of support. You have our eternal gratitude for giving us back our nights. We would highly recommend Evelyn to anyone looking for a sleep consultant (in fact, have already done so!) 🙂 Thank you Evelyn Woo-Becker 🙏

~ Jacyln Tan, April 2021

-From 4 contact naps to 4 independent naps-

Really grateful for Evelyn’s help and services. Being overwhelmed and anxious about my baby’s sleep, Evelyn gave me the support I needed to help my baby achieve independent sleep. More importantly, she has taught me that independent sleep is nothing without appropriate scheduling and her in depth knowledge on that is what sets her apart from other sleep consultants. If you are in this group and believe in the science behind sleep but are not sure how to execute sleep training or scheduling, Evelyn is the best person to navigate you through that.

Even though we selected CIO as our method of sleep training, there was really minimal crying as the scheduling was done right and my baby was sleep ‘trained’ in less than a week.She was also extremely detailed in explaining certain concepts of baby sleep and scheduling and given us the necessary tools and knowledge to sustain us through his growing years.

Thank you again Evelyn Woo-Becker!

~ Vanessa Chong, April 2021

I am ever so grateful to this group for introducing me to sleep training and eventually leading me to Evelyn.

Being a FTM, the only way I knew how to get my LO to fall asleep was through tireless nursing and rocking. I hardly had time for anything else.What we loved about Evelyn’s support and sleep plan was that it was customised to what we needed – based on our day to day routine and our LO’s needs.

We went with the CIO method with Evelyn and saw success in sleep training our LO so quickly!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

She was our pillar of support, our shifu and our cheerleader throughout the entire support period. She even powered through CNY with us despite it being a public holiday!Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a sleep trainer that is knowledgeable and provides great sleep training support. Be warned, her support is constant and you can expect her to be checking in on you every morning and at every nap. 😂😂😂 I don’t know how she does it!

Thank you Evelyn for your guidance, support and helping us believe in sleep again!

~ Felicia Chong , March 2021

Evelyn is very helpful and encouraging! She has helped us a lot and is still helping us with our kids’ sleep scheduling. We have found some success with naps and sleep as a whole thanks to her constant support and advice.She also gives good perspectives to things and has lent us her personal experiences from time to time, and for that we are grateful! Thanks Evelyn!

~ Fulvia Wong, March 2021

Thanks to Evelyn I no longer have to miss on my poo sessions because I have to cuddle my bb to sleep! Also thanks to Evelyn, my husband and I don’t have to sleep separately 😂

Evelyn’s been such a great support, esp to someone as highly anxious as me!

Danke Evelyn ❤️❤️

~ Nicole Lee, Feb 2021

I strongly recommend Evelyn as a sleep consultant to anyone who wants to sleep train their child. My 3 weeks package and support from Evelyn was nothing but fantastic.

Her professionalism, patience and knowledge had helped me to understand my son’s sleep needs and scheduling to another level.

Her initiatives are something I appreciate very much, she checked on us every morning to see how the last night sleep went. Her replies were prompt and she quickly troubleshooted when situations arise. I have engaged a different consultant before I got to know about Sleep Kraft and it was a disaster. I am very thankful that I found Evelyn in the end.

~ Lena Nguyen, Jan 2021

From being rocked to sleep, use of yao lan and being carried in a sarong. I have exhausted all means to assist my little buddy to sleep. Never would I have imagined a day whereby I could just place him in his cot wide awake and he could drift off to sleep on his own.

I am glad we made the decision to engage Evelyn to sleep train our little bud.She was prompt in her reply and would always check on his sleep the first thing every morning then provide advice / suggestions to his WT for the day.

Thank you Evelyn for the support and guidance for the past 3 weeks. 😘

~ Stacey Lee, Jan 2021

Evelyn has been a complete lifesaver to me in my sleep training journey. I was rocking my then 6-mo daughter to every nap, and bedtime was always a mad scramble for the family to put her to sleep. With Evelyn’s support and constant reassurance, my daughter is now able to sleep independently, connect sleep cycles, put herself back to sleep for NWs.

Thank you for being so patient with us, for being ever so responsive and encouraging.

~ Cherie Lee, Dec 2020

Evelyn has helped improved my 4month girl’s sleep tremendously. Would definitely recommend her to any parent who wants to sleep train their child. Being a first time mom, Evelyn has been extremely patient with my several queries and she is also very prompt in answering them, despite the Xmas and New Year holidays too! Thank you once again Evelyn!

~ Sophia Tian, Dec 2020

Evelyn guided my wife and I through a successful journey sleep training our 8-month-old daughter. Really appreciate her patience and professionalism. What particularly impressed me was that Evelyn is highly responsive to constructive feedback and would process all our little observations to continuously modify and tailor the sleep training plan until we achieved results.

She also took care to manage the journey for the parents and was quick to provide encouragement and understanding when needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do sleep training! 🙂

~ Tan Ming Quan & Semiramis Pilar, December 2020

Thanks to Evelyn, we understand how being deprived of sleep can affect a kid’s mental and emotional development.

Evelyn shared that the lack of sleep in school-aged children can often link to emotional difficulties like depression, poor performance, and increased emotional reactivity thus making them quick to react, short-tempered, and emotionally volatile.

And there seems to match my boy’s reactions. We start working closely with Evelyn on maintaining a sleeping schedule for my boy and notice immediate improvements in his behavior. He becomes much calmer and is able to empathize with others. The morning routine has become much easier.

~ Rebecca Lim, November 2020

I made a friend instead when I chose to engage Evelyn to help sleep train my 2 year 7 month toddler! She helped and supported me greatly, providing guidance and she was always willing to adapt to our family’s circumstances. She would also help with troubleshooting his night wakes and I think we’ve finally figured out why he was having night wakes.

Thank you for your constant encouragement and emotional support. I am no longer my son’s sleep prop and he falls asleep independently and happily in his own room. I feel like I have some of my life back now!

~ Serene Lim, November 2020

I have to say Evelyn is my saviour! I had a hard time getting my catnapper to sleep longer and it was driving me crazy. And, the fact that my mom, who was supposed to be my son’s caregiver when I returned to work, had a fall and fractured her arm was adding oil to fire! I was at wits loss and very depressed. I was losing sleep over my son’s sleep. Thanks to this group, I decided to approach Evelyn!

Evelyn turned things around for me and I could see light at the of the tunnel. We used CIO method and it wasn’t as harsh as I thought due to her astute modification. She also taught me scheduling, provided a lot of tips and advice, giving me a lot of confidence in scheduling on my own!

Evelyn is not only a sleep consultant, she is also someone who u can confide in. I ran into some setback with my babysitter and she consoled me! I learnt from Evelyn and now I can also pass on the knowledge to my babysitter!

Evelyn, thank you! Thank you for letting me believe in sleep again!

~ Evelyn Chee-Choo, October 2020

Evelyn helped me to work through many of the sleep issues for my elder twin. Shes a great coach, educating me on sleep and offering new perspectives and different suggestions for us to better decide what works. She strives to understand the temperament of the child – which is important as what works for one child may not work for another.

I’m still facing night wakes now with a 9+mo that is forever hungry but there are no more prolonged night wakes. It is clear to me that this baby is now much more well-rested, with wake times doubling and dropping naps at a very fast rate.

Thank you Evelyn for journeying with me and the encouragement!

~ Amdis Chay, October 2020

I’m glad that I’ve engaged Evelyn as my baby’s sleep consultant. At the end of the support, my baby is sleeping better, both day and night. Most importantly, she gives me the support and assurance that I needed. At the end of 3 weeks, I feel more confident in scheduling and troubleshooting it.

Besides providing me practical baby sleep knowledge, Evelyn will not force parents to do things they are uncomfortable with, but will still suggest different ways to help with your baby’s sleep. Her responses are really prompt which I think it’s very good! I really enjoyed my time with her and have no regrets having her as my baby’s sleep consultant. Thank you Evelyn 🙂

~ Crystal Tan, July 2020

It is a pleasure to engage Evelyn’s services. Evelyn is very understanding and supportive. She is very responsive to my questions and listens to feedback and observations from me. she also checked in with me on my baby’s condition and makes adjustments when necessary. She tailors the Sleep schedule and the method of teaching my baby independent learning according to his needs.

I had to retrain my 8 month old who started using me as a sleep prop and had multiple NWs, her constant assurances and support has helped to make the journey a less stressful one. I would really recommend engaging Evelyn as a sleep consultant. Thank you Evelyn 😊

~ Dawn Ooi, May 2020

👍🏻♥️💯♥️👍🏻 This Facebook group has introduced me to scheduling and I am always grateful for that. However, being a first time mom and constant impatience and self guilt when my scheduling impacts his sleep I decided to seek help with Evelyn. She is exactly what I need! Her support was in a loving manner. She was there for you 630 am/ 10pm etc…

In 3-4 weeks my 10.5 month old baby’s wake time has increased 2.75 – 3.15 hours. His mood and behaviour has also drastically showed improvement which I feel is the most important.

She helped me to be a stronger mom. The support and guidance to schedule my son on my own and to deal with off days. I have extended her service twice not that because he had no improvements but because I felt that I would like to speak to her Everyday 7 am to 10pm!!!! 🤣

I will always be grateful to Evelyn and Geraldine for their patience and love. And of course to my friends who have introduced me to sleep like an sg baby!!!!!!!! ♥️

~ Mabel Ersan Liaw, May 2020

Evelyn was extremely patient with our 2yo’s case of prolonged night wakings. She gave us the confidence to stop some of the bad habits we had introduced in tending to night wakes… Doing this ensured that even if he woke up MOTN, our son could fall back asleep without our presence or intervention.

Beyond scheduling, I like that she offered a comprehensive assessment that included his sleep environment, life transitions, school life and other developmental factors.

~ Tracy Mia Goh, March 2020

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